Aernix provide Office Management Software which help to manage end to end process of the office.Now a days every process is online so why ofice work will be on pain and paer. So we provide PMS at a low price .

By integrating raw information with exchange mechanisms and management structuring and guidance, Benefits in using electronic management systems include savings in production and service costs as information is quickly routed for optimal office performance. Office automation can also be cost effective, as powerful microcomputers continue to drop in price. While office automation often mirrors actual paper transaction and activity, an office automation system may also complement the paper system and provide output only available in digital format. Thus, office automation extends the information activities of the office to surpass physical or geographic limitation.

When considering office automation three main areas need further discussion: people, and how automation affects them; the constantly changing tools used in automation; and the ways in which automation has changed the workplace.

People involved with office automation basically include all users of the automation and all providers of the automation systems and tools. A wide range of people—including software and hardware engineers, management information scientists, and secretaries—use office automation. All are also involved with providing information. This dual role of both provider and user gives rise to two critical issues. First, training of personnel to effectively use an office automation system is essential; the office automation system is only as good as the people who make and use it. Second, overcoming workplace resistance is a must if the full benefits of automation are to be realized. Change is difficult for some workers, yet must occur for a business to remain competitive.

What We Offer


Admin Module Staff Module (Only assign task can performe)
  1. Manage Staff
  2. Manage Front Office (  Visitor , Phone call , courier )
  3. Manage Client
  4. Manage client Work Order
  5. Manage All Masteter Data
  6. HR Module 
  7. Manage Business report
  1. Add ,update,delete Visitor
  2. Add ,update,delete Phone call register.
  3. Add ,update,delete Courier
  4. Manage Service Order 
  5. Manage Work Assignment
  6. Manage Billiing
  7. Mentain Daily Work Report


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