Benefits for Student:

1. The students get the experience of exams patterns; as they support almost every exam questionnaire types.

2. Appearing for the exams is easy, as you can easily register and answer the questions.

3. Submitting the answer sheet is only few right click of your mouse or touch screen.

4. Students can also appear for exams from multiple device. As the software or online exams is web – based and can be access easily.

5. Online exams also give students instant result of their performance in the test.

6. Online exams further give micro – analysis of your test performances, compare your performances to your team, and also give you reality check of your progress.

7. Students also get easy access to different types of question like ‘objective, image based, video based, fill the gaps, etc.

Benefits for Institutes:

1. Online exams are easy solutions and don’t take time to conduct like traditional exams.

2. Online exams are easy to conduct, as they also don’t need space or examiners to invigilate the exam.

4. The exams conducted over online are also helpful in saving time, as the questionnaire are easily set, instantly access by the students, and answers are instantly checked.

5. So, the results for exams are displayed immediately.

7. Online exams also help coaching institutes, colleges, universities, and competitive exams preparations in many ways. First and foremost it helps in conducting smooth, fast, error free, and confidential exam.

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Admin Module

  • Add/edit/delete Students record
  • Add/edit/delete Batch /Class Details
  • Add/edit/delete Subject Details
  • Add/edit/delete Chapter Details
  • Add/edit/delete subjective and Objective question and answer
  • Add/edit/delete Question set for student pratice
  • Add/edit/delete Exam set for student online exam
  • Add/edit/delete Student Result

Student Module

  • Read ebook chapter wise anywhere and any time
  • Pratice different pratice set anywhere and any time
  • Attend exam online anywhere and any time
  • Insta Result after exam


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