A library management system (LMS) simply allows you to create records for items in your collection that you can then use for tracking and inventory. So an LMS might be something as simple as a sheet of paper with titles and locations written on it, or a ledger, or a spreadsheet on a computer, or an entire suite of software that automates cataloging, search and circulation.

When you get into larger collections it’s a good idea to consider using an automated LMS designed for keeping track of a library’s materials. What this gives you the power to do is import records for your items from trusted sources, tailor the records to accurately reflect your collection, build a catalog of records that can be searched by keyword using any Internet connected device, circulate (check out and in) items and set due dates for them, send overdue notices automatically, inventory your items so you can tell if something’s missing or in the wrong place, and generate comprehensive reports that will tell you things like what gets used the most and the general age of your collection. There’s much more, but you should do a Google search for library management systems and read some of the product brochures if you’re interested in knowing more.

You can certainly use an automated LMS for smaller collections, particularly if you let people borrow things a lot or if you have trouble remembering where things are. It’s also a good idea if you believe your collection will grow over time.


different features of Library Management Software:

1)Barcode Technology: The new software is the one which is able to read the bar codes. This enables tracking of all the books that are in library or with the user.

2)Multimedia: All the libraries have not collection only for books. They have cds, audio cds, any Logical Data etc. For that This is very amazing feature.


3)Compatibility: It is Compatible for any operating systems and softwares.

4)Efficiency: Data entry is very easy with the features provided. If the users can sign-in to use the online version of the services; the work burden of the librarian decreases.

5)Access: Accessibility is very good feature. You can access this from any location. Its is very easy to use.

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